My aims for the election

My name is Veronika Honkasalo. I am a member of the Helsinki City Council, vice-chair of the Left Alliance (Vasemmistoliitto), a youth researcher and a mother of two school-age children from Helsinki’s Tapulikaupunki.

I want to continue my work for a fair and equal Helsinki. Growing inequality is in no-one’s interest. Equal communities are healthy and thriving communities, and a city that takes care of its most vulnerable is a safe city for everyone.

Helsinki Belongs to All of Us

Helsinki needs courageous decision-makers, who are committed to securing comprehensive welfare services to everyone. My Helsinki does not turn anyone down; it offers services to the homeless, the paperless, and the penniless.

A Home is a Basic Right

The high cost of housing in Helsinki is driving low income families and individuals into poverty, but middle income people are struggling too. We have to build more affordable housing and make sure that housing issues and social welfare services are broadly supported.

There is Life in the Suburbs Too

Helsinki can afford to offer diverse services throughout the city, not just in the city centre. In order to be genuinely a Helsinki for everyone, we need more culture and art in the suburbs as well. Affordable and efficient public transport has to cover the whole city grid.

A Pioneer of Ambitious Climate Policy

Climate change is a serious threat. Helsinki has to work towards reducing pollution and securing sustainable development. Let’s make Helsinki a city of public transport, cycling, and walking.

Citizens Need to Be Heard

The citizens of Helsinki rarely get a say in issues that affect them directly. We can work differently by engaging them early on in the planning and decision-making process. Local democracy—city districts—should have more influence.