Bold defender of human rights and welfare state

Veronika Honkasalo. Helsingin vasemmistoliitto, 2020. Kuva: Pinja Nikki

I am Veronika Honkasalo: City Councillor, Vice Chairperson of the Left Alliance, youth researcher and mother of two schoolchildren from Tapulikaupunki in Helsinki.

My goal is an equal and just society in which decent living conditions are guaranteed to everyone. Prosperity and the right to a decent life aren’t just for us but for future generations too.

Human rights. Environment. A secure life.

I am running for Parliament because today we need the courage to question the direction Finland is going in. We need decision-makers who will fight against the structural sources of inequality and environmental chaos.

I want to build an equal Finland that does not discriminate against people based on gender, sexuality, disability, age, ethnicity or any other basis. The rights of the most vulnerable must be safeguarded.

I want to build a society that invests in education, social security and public services and is unconditionally committed to combating climate change. The eradication of poverty and the fight against inequality are also actions towards protecting the environment.

We need a new outlook to reflect the changing way people work. I want a Finland that provides a decent social safety net and where you can earn a decent living regardless of the job you do.

I have spent the last six years tirelessly working for a fairer society in Helsinki city politics and the Left Alliance leadership. Now I want to make the world better in the Finnish